Thursday, May 15, 2008

It is what you think...AND, it isn't what you think.  My 1st Punk is a Baby/Kid's clothing line I created to speak from, and on behalf of, the most beautiful voices I have ever known.  A line inspired by all of the amazing children that surround me in my own life, and the child within...this is my message to all, big and small, a message of life, love and all things in between.  My 1st Punk is a reflection of my love for art and music, pop culture, and the historical relevance of it all.  It is gritty, edgy, honest, endearing, creative, fun and unapologetic...but most of all it is peaceful.

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chelle chelle said...

I love that girl and you know what I want to buy 50 shirts so let's get busy!!